Zest AI Wins CUSO of the Year 2022 Award!

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Each year NACUSO recognizes CUSOs pushing to make a difference within the industry through the prestigious CUSO of the Year Awards.  Zest AI’s approach to leveraging technology to help credit unions better serve their members by utilizing 300 elements of non-traditional criteria when determining credit worthiness is what separated Zest AI from the others.

NACUSO explains, that the fact that Zest AI helps credit unions get more members while helping them approve 25% to 30% more members for loans is impressive.  They also appreciate how each model is unique to each credit union and is essentially their model, so it helps them to be more efficient in their lending while helping to serve more members, and how Zest AI works so collaboratively with each of its current credit union clients.  Delivering 121 models, helping to decision $5 billion in loans to 5 million members, and delivering $1 billion in improved earnings from reduced credit losses in truly inspiring all in the last three years!  

Watch NACUSO judges explain more about why Zest AI has been selected as the winner of the 2022 New CUSO of the Year.