Fuel sustainable growth across business lines, credit products, and borrower tiers.

“Banks that fail to invest in machine learning will end up fundamentally uncompetitive in a couple of years. We found the best way to drive benefit faster was a partnership with Zest”

Roger Hochschild

CEO & President




Mortgage Underwriting

Mortgage Servicing


Increase approvals and decrease losses

Identify better borrowers and approve more loans—or swap risky borrowers for more creditworthy ones for a healthier portfolio.

Build a better lending business

See farther into the future with powerful prediction and insight, plus gain a competitive edge with smart automation and efficiency.

Case study

First National Bank of Omaha


Reduced risk while holding approval rate constant


Savings identified (management estimates)


Days to complete entire model build and validation

“Fairness has always been a core tenet for FNBO and Zest’s technology helps us optimize our lending models for maximum accuracy and fairness, ensuring we do right by the communities we serve.”

Mihaela Kobjerowski
Chief Consumer Credit Risk Officer
Case study


6 mo

Forewarning of looming recession before official announcements


Reduction in non-performing loans

7 mo

Decrease in time to retrain and build new models

“By switching to Zest AI for credit underwriting, Akbank can find more good borrowers with no added risk and react faster to changes in the market.”

Hakan Yilmaz
Head of Credit & Model Risk Management
Case study



Reduction in
charge-off rate


Model variables; 17x
more than previously


Of millions of dollars in annual savings

“Banks that fail to invest in machine learning will end up fundamentally uncompetitive in  a couple of years. We found the best way to drive benefit faster was a partnership with Zest.

Roger Hochschild
CEO & President

Case study
Case Study
Case Study

Models that make an impact

Zest offers effective credit model management and easy AI adoption with benefits wherever your business needs it most.


Make more good loans and fewer bad ones for better lending.


Recuperate more money and deploy resources more efficiently with a clearer view of likelihood to repay.

Portfolio Risk

Re-score the risk of loans already on your books to better inform analysis by your team and partners.


Better, faster, more transparent lending decisions

Whether you need to find more good borrowers, mitigate risk, and decreases losses, drive portfolio yield, or price more intelligently, Zest AI helps you grow safely and in compliance with your regulators.


More data, better math, and smarter software

Build, analyze, validate, and document powerful, compliant AI credit models quickly and easily. With Zest, powerful predictions and confident credit decisions are easy regardless of experience.


Gold standard compliance delivers confidence

Developed specifically for highly-regulated use cases like underwriting, Zest software produces required model risk management documentation and fair lending analyses automatically to satisfy the toughest regulators.


Small footprint; large impact

Drive additional value from your current data and lending software without derailing your IT roadmap. Zest offers flexible deployments and integrations, making AI adoption and operation swift and easy.