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Fair Lending & Compliance
Incorporating AI — common sense updates to credit policy
Explore how financial institutions can navigate integrating AI into credit policies for smarter lending decisions. Learn from Teddy Flo about the synergy between traditional policies and cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficiency and fairness in lending practices.
May 13, 2024
Redefining financial literacy through innovation and community
Explore the challenges hindering financial literacy in the U.S. and the need for community-driven solutions. Discover how financial institutions can foster equitable access to wealth-building opportunities.
April 18, 2024
Learning from nature — you must water and prune a plant for it to grow
Discover the parallels between nurturing plants and cultivating professional careers. Learn how feedback, development, and reflection are essential tools in the cycle of growth, drawing inspiration from the natural world. Explore insights from Zest AI's performance review cycle and empower your professional garden to flourish.
April 9, 2024
Innovation In Lending
Looking beyond market pain points to find purpose
Discover the significance of Purpose Market-Fit in today's business landscape, exploring how brands like Patagonia and Impossible Foods transcend competition. Learn why intention and impact are vital metrics, elevating products to serve a greater good and foster meaningful change.
March 28, 2024
Women’s History Month: sisters are doin' it for themselves
Discover how the remarkable women at Zest AI are reshaping the financial services industry during Women’s History Month. From driving diversity and inclusion initiatives to championing equitable solutions, meet the unsung heroes propelling change in banking and technology.
March 25, 2024
Zest Cares — we mean it when we say it!
"Discover the heartwarming journey of Zest AI as it establishes Zest Cares, dedicated to supporting communities and fostering positive change. Join us in advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives through philanthropic initiatives and partnerships. Explore how Zestys make a difference, contributing over 400 collective hours in service to communities and fostering a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and engagement. Together, we aim to broaden access to equitable lending and create opportunities that validate individual worth.
February 27, 2024