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Offer greater service and savings to the satisfaction and delight of members.

“Moving to AI-driven underwriting was one of the smartest moves we've made for our business. It's meant not only more approvals, but faster, more confident decisions.”

Jenny Vipperman

Chief Lending Officer




Mortgage Underwriting

Mortgage Servicing


Drive member inclusion

With a more accurate picture of risk, you’re able to say yes to more members with confidence.

Deliver personalized service

With instant decisions and better pricing, your teams have more time to spend with members.

Case study

VyStar Credit Union


Increase in portfolio approvals while holding risk constant


In new credit that will be issued every year


Increase in automated decisioning

“What really excites us is the opportunity to offer instant decisions, better pricing, and personalized service to our members through our partnership with Zest.”

Jenny Vipperman
Chief Lending Officer
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Commonwealth Credit Union

“The AI technology Zest brings to the table will give us the opportunity to say yes to more members.”

Jaynel Christensen

VP Lending
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Altra Federal Credit Union

"Our vision is to help our members live their best lives. Zest AI will help us live up to our vision, allowing us to serve more members by streamlining their experience in obtaining an auto loan. We want to make their loan process easier."

Mark Tierney

VP Consumer Lending
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All In Credit Union

"Speed is essential to improving the borrower journey. With Zest's help, most of our members can get an immediate decision. We are able to make faster, smarter decisions using Zest, leaving more time for our staff to engage our members and deliver top-notch service."

Todd Peeples

SVP of Sales & Lending Administration
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All In
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Models that make an impact

Zest offers effective credit model management and easy AI adoption with benefits wherever your business needs it most.


Make more good loans and fewer bad ones for better lending.


Recuperate more money and deploy resources more efficiently with a clearer view of likelihood to repay.

Portfolio Risk

Re-score the risk of loans already on your books to better inform analysis by your team and partners.


Better, faster, more transparent lending decisions

Whether you need to find more good borrowers, mitigate risk, and decreases loses, drive portfolio yield, or price more intelligently, Zest AI helps you grow safely and in compliance with your regulators.


More data, better math, and smarter software

Build, analyze, validate, and document powerful, compliant AI credit models quickly and easily. With Zest, powerful predictions and confident credit decisions are easy regardless of experience.


Gold standard compliance delivers confidence

Developed specifically for highly-regulated use cases like underwriting, Zest software produces required model risk management documentation and fair lending analyses automatically to satisfy the toughest regulators.


Small footprint; large impact

Drive additional value from your current data and lending software without derailing your IT roadmap. Zest offers flexible deployments and integrations, making AI adoption and operation swift and easy.