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Zest Model Management System

Everything you need for effective credit model management and easy AI adoption.

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“Banks that fail to invest in machine learning will end up fundamentally uncompetitive in a couple of years. We found the best way to drive benefit faster was a partnership with Zest.”

Roger Hochschild
Discover CEO and President

A Suite of Apps to Manage Your Lending


Models that offer best-in-class borrower assessment


The build application does this and is awesome for these reasons and it makes life easier than ever before.

Building fast, accurate, explainable, and fair credit models has never been easier.


Automated and seamless model analysis and validation


Documentation, Validation & Compliance more words

Unparalleled confidence, transparency, and trust over your model and your scores.


End-to-end performance monitoring in production


Scoring, Monitoring, & Short words and then Analytics

Gain competitive advantage with granular control and insight into your lending.

The only complete solution for AI-driven lending

Powerful, compliant, swift, and easy

Take back control over credit scoring with transparency and ease. The MMS comprises three core applications supporting lenders across the entire credit model lifecycle.

Faster, more accurate credit decisions

More data, better math, and smarter software

Tap the hidden value of the data you already own and create risk predictions you can trust across the entire credit spectrum for stronger, more competitive lending.

Experts in machine learning underwriting

Supporting lenders of all sizes

We've put more AI lending models into production than anyone out there. With Zest, you get a professional team that works as an extension of yours.

SOmething for everyone

Software to streamline every stakeholder’s work

The Zest Model Management System benefits multiple teams involved in successful lending—including credit risk, compliance, loan operations/underwriting, and even IT.

More than just a new model or fancy scores, the Zest Model Management System is the foundation for powerful AI-driven lending.

Lending Leaders


Credit Risk

Loan Operations

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