Lessons from Six Million Scores

Zest AI Resources

Thanks to our customers, Zest AI has helped put more AI-based credit underwriting models into production than any software vendor in the industry. Models built using Zest now score close to $125 billion in lending portfolios across all credit products, and we’ve generated more than six million scores to date. So we’ve learned a few things (some the hard way) about doing AI-driven lending.

We still get the same basic questions over and over again. Yes, the tech is legit. Yes, you will make significantly more money through higher underwriting profits and efficiency gains. No, you won’t have a problem complying with federal and state banking regulations. Beyond this basic set of fundamental concerns and questions, we’ve put together this special FAQ based on more specific common questions we get from banks and credit unions. Topics covered include:

  • Financial inclusion is sound business
  • The advantage of trended data
  • Counterfactual portfolios are key
  • Improving fair lending outcomes
  • Proactive monitoring of credit scoring
  • Change management and innovation