Zest Cares — we mean it when we say it!

Patti Mancini
February 27, 2024

Bringing sponsorships, donations, and service efforts under one umbrella, Zest Cares 

Zest AI has always been dedicated to finding ways to support our employees, clients, and communities in ways that leave a positive impact on society. Rooted in our culture is a driving force and desire that leads Zestys across the U.S. to show up for one another and for our neighbors when they need us. We haven’t established an official title to document all of this good work, which is why I’m incredibly excited and grateful to share that we’ve established Zest Cares.

As Zestys, we’ve spent over 400 days serving our communities — whether it be providing support through service or donating technology and professional services.

We love supporting the National Credit Union Foundation and its mission of financial well-being for all — and attending The Foundation Dinner Presenting the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards with some of our industry friends is always a plus! We visited credit unions across Maui to offer helping hands after the wildfires and offered a donation match to Zest employees to support the Maui Food Bank, Maui Humane Society, and Maui Strong. We’ve sponsored food assistance and healthcare for kids around the globe in our clients’ names through World Vision International. We also make monetary donations and provide social support to Credit Unions for Kids (CU4Kids), benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

In the last five years, Zest AI has sponsored, supported, and donated two million dollars to client-sponsored events, organizations, and charities. This support goes to essential services like:

  • Supporting scholarships and financial education for young members involved in their communities
  • Providing financial assistance for those with brain injuries
  • Professional development for credit union staff and volunteers
  • Supplying for essentials of soldiers, including rent and mortgage payments and emergency medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Funding grants to nonprofit community partners creating more sustainable, affordable, fair, and equitable housing

Support can make the difference

It’s my belief that we’re not doing our job as humans if we’re not looking out for one another. As a company, we want to do more to be a better corporate citizen, and we can do that best through the eyes and hearts of our customers.  We now take ownership of that responsibility through the creation of Zest Cares. 

I’m incredibly proud of Zest AI’s dedication to making the world a better place and for seeking out ways to be prepared to respond when the call for help comes. In these first steps for the foundation, we promise transparency, communication, and collaboration to those following along on our journey.

Transparency –  we will provide insight into our activities and the impact we make through regular communications

Collaboration – we will partner with experts across the industry to maximize our ability to help and create a positive impact for those in need

Engagement – we will remain engaged in conversations and have the flexibility to adapt based on needs that arise

For me, Zest AI’s appeal has always been the living, actionable heart you can find in our leaders and across the company. We’re incredibly excited to begin this new era at Zest AI where we can further support our mission of broadening access to equitable lending through actions like creating Zest Cares.

Zest AI is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives. Through its philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, Zest Cares supports projects and initiatives that create opportunities, make connections, are a catalyst for economic equality, and validate individual worth.

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