Your “easy button” for better lending

Zest AI team
August 22, 2022

By now, you’re probably familiar with the promise of AI-based lending: you approve more loans without increasing risk, all in a minute fraction of the time it would take to approve a loan manually. It sounds almost too good to be true — but it’s not. Zest AI delivers on this promise every day to financial institutions across the country.

So, what’s holding you back?

If we could take a guess, it probably has something to do with the dreaded burn out that usually accompanies most technology implementation projects. Things like a core data processing conversion or implementing digital banking technology sometimes require herculean efforts. And that would leave anyone wondering if a bump in loan approvals — even a significant bump — would be worth all that work.

Fortunately, you don't need mythological amounts of strength to integrate Zest AI's fair lending technology into your strategy. We'd even say that it hardly qualifies as an IT project when it comes down to it.

Zest AI is your easy button for better lending. Here's some frequently asked questions (and frequently given answers) to some top concerns about how easy it really is to implement AI credit decisioning technology.

Will Zest AI work with my LOS?

Yes. Zest AI is integrated with virtually all major loan origination systems and always open to adding more new LOS partners. And if your financial institution doesn't have an LOS, you can still use Zest's technology.

Also, keep in mind that Zest AI is 100 percent cloud-based. This makes way for the easiest possible implementation — whether your LOS is cloud-based or on-premise.

Does Zest AI touch my core processor?

No. Zest AI’s only integration point is through your LOS. And because we never touch your core, adding Zest AI never adds a new security risk.

How disruptive is implementing Zest AI technology?

Not at all. As mentioned earlier, integration requires little — if any — effort from your IT department. And from that perspective, it’s any technologists dream implementation.

From an end user perspective, there’s no directly observable change once Zest AI has been implemented. We integrate our technology into all your existing workflows and where you once saw a traditional credit score, you’ll now find a Zest Score. Well, maybe there's one observable difference... your underwriters will see an uptick in the number of loans that are auto-decisioned, leaving them with more time to work on the loans that need manual review.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Zest AI …

  • Helps your institution make better, faster loans, typically delivering a decision in seconds
  • Is integrated to most major loan origination systems and can be integrated to others
  • Requires no integration to your core data processing system
  • Is extremely easy to implement, requiring minimal effort from your IT department
  • Is cloud-based, making it easy to connect to cloud-based and on-premise LOS solutions alike
  • Does not disrupt or replace any of your existing workflows, creating a significantly improved user experience

It truly is that easy. The only question remaining at this point is: What are you waiting for?

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