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It's Zest Automated Machine Learning,
and it will transform your underwriting
through the power of ML.

The world’s most innovative lenders rely on Zest AI. ZAML® is the only machine learning credit and risk modeling solution with end-to-end explainability. It's fast, powerful, and compliant.

Say Goodbye to the Status Quo

With Automated Machine Learning from Zest, lenders small and large are able to originate more loans with greater confidence by assessing borrower risk more accurately—all while remaining compliant with regulatory demands. 

Greater Insights

Logistic regression is limited. ZAML delivers greater insights by analyzing hundreds of variables and thousands of interaction effects from data you already have from borrowers 

End-to-end Explainability

ZAML model explainability and automated compliance means
you can safely deploy machine learning models and start seeing real world results

Flexible Engagements

No matter where your business is in terms of data and technology or
modeling, ZAML offers multiple ways to begin benefiting from machine learning

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Better Lending for You and Your Customers

With more powerful insights and more accurate risk assessments, ZAML gives you the ability to approve more credit-worthy borrowers, reduce existing losses, offer better rates, and develop more customized policies and rules engine for your business.


Average Decrease in Charge-Off Rates


Average Increase in Approval Rates

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ZAML Silver brings the power of AI into the systems you rely on every day.

Our seamless integrations with data and origination solutions provide the power of AI without disrupting your current technology systems or workflows.

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We work with lenders in two ways


ZAML Platinum 

The most comprehensive set of machine learning tools for underwriting. Also available as a professionally managed service.

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ZAML Silver

The world’s first and only turnkey machine learning underwriting solution. For lenders of all sizes.

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Speak with an expert to find the solution that's right for you.

Learn how your business can grow with Zest Automated Machine Learning.