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Download the Special Report: The Path to a Fairer Credit Economy

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7 out of 10 Americans would switch to a financial institution that has more inclusive lending practices, according to the recent 2020 Harris Poll Consumer Credit Survey. Yes, the ethical financial consumer is here and they are demanding change amid the broader national call for equity.

To heed the urgent call to action and keep pace with increasing consumer expectations, banks and credit unions are embracing new approaches and business models to correct long-standing fairness and inclusion issues, including increasing credit and loan access to people of color.

The path to financial inclusion begins with re-evaluating the status quo and understanding these new technologies and methods. This white paper outlines a new approach to help banks move beyond the status quo to lend more inclusively without taking on added risk.

You will learn:

  • Why the broken credit system is costing you money
  • How to use machine learning to reach the "credit invisible" and automate the search for the fairest model
  • The benefits of using ML to improve race prediction