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2020 Harris Poll Consumer Credit Survey

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The pandemic as upended daily life and the economy, forcing financial institutions to adjust to new consumer behavior and perspectives. What do consumers want from their banks and credit unions in the post-COVID era? How can lenders build loyalty with millennials and Gen Z?

Zest AI teamed up with the Harris Poll to bring you the 2020 Consumer Credit Survey—based on feedback from 2,700 Americans, ages 18–65to learn how the pandemic and social unrest are changing consumer behavior and perspectives. These insights will help you understand what is needed to improve your relationship with customers and build loyalty with one of the fastest-growing segments in the marketplace: millennials and Gen Z.

Here’s what the report covers:

State of credit scoring? Consumers say: Fix it.

Building loyalty with ethical financial consumers

COVID-19 Impact Snapshot

Millennial and Gen Z priority: social responsibility