Zest AI Unveils First AI Lending Intelligence Companion

Zest AI team
February 29, 2024

Generative AI model will provide holistic visibility and strategic insights to help lenders optimize performance

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 29, 2024 — PRNewswire Zest AI, the leader in AI lending technology, is unveiling its new lending intelligence companion today, LuLu. LuLu is a customized generative AI tool that lending organizations can use to instantly capture strategic industry insights, decisioning and portfolio performance metrics, and quickly access their unique Zest AI product knowledge base.

"We've always believed in the transformative power of AI, but the evolution of large language models got us thinking about how to leverage this innovation to better serve lenders," said Adam Kleinman, Head of Strategy and Client Success at Zest AI. "Right now, access to lending analysis is complicated, time-consuming, and often cost-prohibitive, which is why LuLu is a game-changer. The ability to ask a generative AI tool a lending question in human language and get an accurate, customized answer within seconds gives our clients the visibility, speed, agility, and intelligence to empower teams to optimize performance with confidence."

LuLu can quickly connect lending teams with industry data that allows them to analyze performance benchmarks, harvest insights from their Zest AI business results, and access critical information from their internal reports and documents – all with simple, natural human language prompts.

"As a long-time customer of Zest AI, I couldn't be more excited about LuLu," said Jenny Vipperman, President and CEO of ORNL Federal Credit Union. "LuLu's ability to provide quick and accurate answers to complex business questions allows us to accelerate important decisions. The capability of combining industry data with our own proprietary datasets will enable us to be more agile and ultimately, provide better service to our members."

This technology allows lending stakeholders to capture a 360 degree view of their business. Armed with a diverse array of data inputs, LuLu can instantly answer questions like, "How does my approval rate look over time?" or, "What are the top changes I can make to increase automation?" At the same time, LuLu maintains robust data integrity and compliance-related controls that are built into all Zest AI products and services.

LuLu is currently being piloted by select Zest AI credit union customers, including ORNL Federal Credit Union and HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union with a general release of the product expected by the end of the year.

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