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No day but today — one yes can power thousands more

Mike de Vere
July 12, 2022

No bull (or bear), Zest AI is here to help you say yes to serving more of your members, no matter the economic climate.

Members look to their credit union to provide vital financial support when facing uncertain economic conditions. And with the economic outlook being, well — uncertain, credit union leaders and decision-makers across the financial services industry have to ask themselves a couple of questions: how did we handle complex economic climates in the past, and how can we ensure that we do better this time around?

While I’m not here to tell you what to do, if you’re asking those two questions, you’re in the right place to start looking for solutions. Zest AI’s underwriting model helps you make better, more inclusive, and more efficient credit decisions for your members — good economy or bad. And your yes to working with us now means, today forward, you can ensure you’re doing better by your members every day.

Why say yes to Zest AI?

Zest AI is here to help you say yes to more of your members, and we’re happy to do so. Working with 100s of credit unions and banks across the United States, we deliver personalized underwriting technology that have increased approvals by over 25 percent, all without expanding risk. We’re fully compliant with regulatory requirements and, if I may brag — have some of the smartest minds and kindest people in the industry here to continue the mission of achieving equitable access to credit for all. 

Zest AI’s underwriting utilizes data points grounded in modern-day realities to determine creditworthiness — giving credit unions access to a larger pool of eligible candidates for credit that other underwriting systems would discount or simply miss. The cherry on top here is that while you are able to say yes to more members, your credit union’s risk tolerance doesn’t expand. Our technology helps you find the people who should be getting a yes.

This means your credit union can enable thousands of community members with the financial means to better their lives, whereas they wouldn’t have the chance with other scoring approaches. And while your priority is to give your members access to what could be a much-needed influx of cash, in turn, your ability to expand your services for members also increases. By expanding the pool of applicants for credit with Zest AI’s underwriting technology, credit unions have given themselves a larger bandwidth of resources to continue to serve their community when facing an uncertain economic future.

Why Zest AI is here for you

In short, it’s because you’re in it for your members. You want to see them succeed because they’re members — not just of your credit union — but of your community. You’re serving your neighbors, family, and friends, and that’s the best reason to be in business. That motivation also makes a strong case for finding the best way to continue serving your members, no matter the economic climate we face. 

Right now, when the future state of the economy is still uncertain, credit unions are a community’s strongest support system and biggest advocate. Your local presence means that your top decision-makers are aware of your members' financial pressures and are motivated to solve them. 

Working with Zest AI means being assured in the knowledge that you are safely providing more members with the funds they need when the financial outlook is rough. But access to credit isn't just crucial when facing an economic downturn — it’s necessary for everything life throws at us.

Your drive to serve your community and see your members succeed is exactly why Zest AI wants to work with you. We have the same end goal: a next-door neighbor can add another room to their home when a new baby is on the way; your local grocer can buy a reliable car to drive to and from work; that recent graduate whom you swear was just eight years old the last time you saw them, can now attend their dream school.

When your members come to you for a loan, you hope to tell them yes. Working with Zest AI ensures that the chance of giving that yes is always at its best.

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