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To close the AI talent gap, lenders need a partner
Unlock the potential of AI in banking! Learn how smaller financial institutions can bridge the AI talent gap, make strategic investments, and foster innovation. Discover the benefits of partnering with a fintech company to seamlessly implement AI and machine learning, ensuring compliance, safety, and a collaborative culture. Future-proof your bank in 2024 with expert insights on recruiting and maintaining AI talent for sustained growth and innovation.
January 2, 2024
A problem worth solving together
Explore the pressing issues of economic inequality in the United States and discover how technology, specifically Zest AI's innovative solutions, can bridge the opportunity gap. Dive into insights on the impact of fair credit practices, and join the conversation on creating a future where financial equity enables a better, richer, and fuller life for all Americans. Together, we can pave the way for a more hopeful and inclusive economic landscape.
December 13, 2023
Credit Unions
Mind the (age) gap: Why credit unions can’t attract younger members
Discover effective strategies to bridge the generation gap and attract younger members to your credit union. Learn why understanding their unique needs, behaviors, and preferences is crucial for authentic messaging and branding. Gain insights on examining your brand, member experience, technology, and policies to successfully market to and serve the younger generation in the ever-evolving financial landscape. Don't let outdated stereotypes hinder your credit union's growth—embrace the differences and connect with the next wave of members.
December 11, 2023
Credit Unions
What the future generation thinks about credit unions
December 6, 2023
Fair Lending & Compliance
So, you’ve made a credit decision… Can you explain it?
Delve into the world of credit decision explainability and its pivotal role in ensuring fair lending practices. In an era of AI-guided underwriting, understanding how models work is imperative. Learn about the nuances of model variations, the importance of granular data analysis, and the right tools for the job. Explore why model transparency and compliance are the cornerstones of fair lending and how Zest AI's advanced AI-automated underwriting models empower lenders with precision, fairness, and compliance in every credit decision.
December 4, 2023
Credit & Risk
Sowing the seeds of successful loan growth
Explore how machine learning is reshaping the landscape of loan growth in the wake of recent banking industry challenges. Discover the power of AI-automated underwriting to increase approvals by 20% without compromising risk, or reduce risk by up to 15% while maintaining approval rates. Uncover the potential of transparent and efficient AI technologies to provide a recession-proof path for financial institutions seeking innovative solutions in an evolving economic climate.
November 20, 2023