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The world’s first and only turnkey machine learning underwriting solution.
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Zest AI pioneered machine learning for underwriting

We’ve been helping the world’s biggest financial firms deploy explainable machine learning credit models. That same technology is now available to lenders of all sizes with ZAML Silver — machine learning underwriting for everyone.


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ZAML Silver brings the power of AI into the systems you rely on every day.

Our seamless integrations with data and origination solutions provide the power of AI without disrupting your current technology systems or workflows.

ZAML Silver Unlocks Successful ML Adoption in Underwriting

Resource constraints

ML talent is expensive and hard to find/retain

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First fully automated ML model for underwriting

No previous data science capability required

Time constraints

Implementing and developing ML models can take years

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Automated model creation and delivery

Go live in weeks, starting upon delivery of modeling data

Risk constraints

Complexity of ML can create business, regulatory, and compliance challenges at each step

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End-to-end explainability

Automated model risk management and documentation enables you to deploy with confidence


Product Benefits

Model and Data Development

  • Faster Models
    Go live in weeks.

    You won’t need to buy specialized data or hire a small army of data scientists. ZAML Silver uses the data you already have to build and train a model – and then will deliver you a report assessing the potential impact on your business. And you’ll pay nothing until the model is put into production.

  • Faster Models
    Seamlessly integrate ML-based scoring into your existing IT and business processes.

    ZAML Silver’s plug-and-play implementation will not disrupt your IT roadmap. It’s so simple that it can be easily configured by your existing IT team. You can simply flip a switch on your LOS to go live.

  • Faster Models
    Satisfy all regulatory and risk management compliance requirements.

    ZAML Silver is built with model risk management in mind and provides comprehensive documentation. It also takes advantage of industry-leading explainability technology, so that you can have full confidence that your model is operating safely.

  • Faster Models
    Manage the IT and security burden.

    ZAML Silver eliminates your responsibility of managing the powerful and highly-reliable servers required to operate ML models. We do it for you. And because ZAML Silver is hosted in the cloud, it will comply with the latest encryption and security compliance standards.

  • Faster Models
    Access our world-class team of technology experts.

    ZAML Silver experts will be there to assist you at every step of the process – from the moment you start onboarding your data to when the model goes live. You’ll also have access to 24-hour support should any issues arise since we know your institution’s core business is on the line.


How It Works

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  • Faster Models
    ZAML Silver uses your existing data to build a customized model specifically for you.

    You’ll be asked to upload data from a number of common sources, including:
      •   Application data and outcomes data from your LOS and LMS
      •   LexisNexis
      •   RiskView Credit bureau data with full tradeline information
      •   Experian Clarity

  • Faster Models
    Hosts the model on secure servers on the cloud.

    ZAML Silver reduces IT complexity, strengthens resiliency, and provides an intuitive web-based interface. It also ensures you are embracing the latest data encryption and security standards.

  • Faster Models
    Deploys the model and provides unlimited risk scores.

    Once your ZAML Silver model is put into production, a web service will produce an ML-based, credit decisioning score in less than a second. That score can be easily integrated with your LOS to approve new loans or assign pricing based on your credit policy. It will also provide you with accurate key factor reason codes such as those used for adverse action notices.

  • Faster Models
    Delivers regular model performance reports.

    ZAML Silver continuously validates and tracks your model’s performance. You’ll receive both economic and risk assessments, including a model risk management (MRM) report, expected of your internal risk management and audit teams. All of this should give you confidence that your model is operating safely.

  • Faster Models
    Monitors your model and refits it for free.

    ZAML Silver’s monitoring dashboards show you the model is operating as expected, even as underlying applicant pools or market conditions change. ZAML Silver’s tools can detect subtle shifts that can significantly impact the model’s results and alert your team when a refit is recommended. Just like your initial model build, rebuild anytime for free.

Win the ML Adoption Race 

A recent Fannie Mae survey of 184 mortgage lenders found that executives at smaller financial institutions were less likely than those at large ones to say they will broadly roll out AI/ML solutions in the next 2 years.

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