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The most comprehensive set of machine learning tools for underwriting

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Zest AI pioneered machine learning for underwriting

 ZAML provides access to the most comprehensive suite of machine learning tools built specifically for underwriting and is backed by a team of world-class coders, modelers, and technologists who are available to support you every step along the way. We make implementation and compliance easy and enable you to get your model into production fast.


average increase in approval rates


average decrease in charge-off rates

3 mo.

from build to production


Product Benefits

Model and Data Development

  • Faster Models
    Build more powerful models, faster.

    Go from hundreds of credit and risk models to just one machine learning model with advanced ensembling per product line.

  • Leverage your data
    Leverage more of your data.

    Boost predictive power by harnessing more of your internal product and customer information. Extract more value from bureau data. ZAML models can draw insights from thousands of variables in a single credit model.

  • Keep your systems
    Don't change a thing.

    Zest AI installs and configures ZAML tools on your systems so you can harness the power of machine learning models quickly and safely.

Model Validation

  • Credit Expertise
    Credit expertise on demand.

    Zest AI professionals will help your business teams evaluate and apply machine learning models that match your priorities and business goals.

  • Ongoing model performance guaranteed
    Evaluate and ensure model performance.

    ZAML tools enable your modelers and business analysts to quantify model risk and performance, and determine the safety constraints of ML models.

  • Master data science
    Innovation skill building.

    A ZAML partnership helps you create an internal practice around evaluating and explaining machine learning models for your business.

Model Deployment and Monitoring

    • Cloud systems or internal systems
      Use your own systems.

      ZAML models can be hosted however you like, on-premises or in the cloud, and easily integrated into your existing apps. No rip and replace.

    • Deploy and host easily
      Deploy with confidence.

      With ZAML tools and IP, you can safely operate your models using any hosting server. Output monitoring data easily to your existing BI tools for faster model development. ZAML gives you the confidence to know your model is operating as expected.

    • Agile deployment and refitting
      Stay agile.

      ZAML tools accelerate your deployment time by allowing the business teams to directly operate their own models with no recoding. You can refit and deploy new models as markets change.

Automated Compliance

  • Cloud systems or internal systems
    Radical explainability.

    ZAML provides you with the tools and expertise to be able to explain machine learning models at the macro model level and for every individual credit decision.

  • Deploy and host easily
    Compliance tools to die for.

    ZAML provides you with automated MRM reports, fair lending and economic impact analysis, as well as variable safety analysis and key decision factors, empowering you to take advantage of ML.

  • Cloud systems or internal systems
    Make your modelers happy.

    ZAML automates much of the model and system reporting and monitoring, allowing your valuable data scientists to focus on higher value work.

  • Deploy and host easily
    Fair and transparent all the way.

    ZAML enables you to monitor ML models for disparate impact and other fair lending risks from model build through operation. No surprises here.

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ZAML Silver brings the power of AI into the systems you rely on every day.

Our seamless integrations with data and origination solutions provide the power of AI without disrupting your current technology systems or workflows.

Win the ML Adoption Race 

A recent Fannie Mae survey of 184 lenders found that many financial institutions will broadly roll out AI/ML solutions in the next 2 years.Ml Adoption Race-04

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