Seven Ways AI Will Impact Your Lending

If 2019 was the year artificial intelligence (AI) went from an idea to reality for many lenders, 2020 is going to be the year AI becomes a must-have.

72% of banking heads say their companies risk going out of business in five years if they don’t scale AI.

An even greater percentage say they won’t achieve their growth objectives without more AI. Meaning, financial institutions will hit the gas pedal on AI tools like machine learning (ML) this year.

Watch this webinar for insights into how AI is impacting lending.

We explore themes such as:

  • Explainability becomes essential
  • More data; no problem
  • Credit scores will get more expensive
  • ML embraced for improved member services
  • And ML's impact on operational expense savings

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Seth Silverstein

EVP Credit Risk Analytics

Seth uses his extensive industry knowledge to help Zest AI clients better understand and utilize ML tools in the most effective ways.

Seth was previously an Executive Vice President and Corporate Head of Financial Analytics and Modeling at Ally Financial Inc. Prior, Seth was at Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs.

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Sean McCarron

VP Marketing

Sean leads teams that turn product innovations into business inspiration through research, design, and storytelling that captivates customers. A sociologist-turned-marketer, Sean has spent the past decade at the intersection of technology and society, helping companies understand their customers better, launch products more effectively, and navigate operational growing pains through research, education, collaboration, and leadership.

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