Zest AI and WithClutch team up

Zest AI team
December 6, 2022

Zest AI and WithClutch team up to supercharge the member experience with lending automation

Zest AI and WithClutch have partnered to build automated lending processes that empower credit unions to compete with fintechs by providing their members with faster and more inclusive access to credit — with a modern digital experience. 

Building and gaining stronger member relationships starts with a seamless digital credit union experience and ends with fast, fair decisioning. 

The Clutch solution allows credit unions to identify loans that members hold outside the credit union and offer alternatives to potentially reduce members’ interest rates and monthly payments. Their online, mobile friendly application experience for members streamlines the lending process and is tailored to each credit union. 

By answering a few questions with pre-populated personal information, members can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere in a matter of minutes. 

Additionally, Clutch does a soft credit pull and runs a Zest score early in the application process. The technology then cross-references a member’s credit report to the credit union’s rate sheets in real-time, offering these members refinance opportunities and the ability to apply for new pre-approved loans. 

The automation benefits for credit unions opens up copious opportunities to save time, cost and create more value for their members.This enables members to quickly apply and review refinance and new loan opportunities. Lenders then receive fully funded loan applications directly in their existing LOS. 

Leveraging the power of Zest AI and WithClutch, credit unions will be able to modernize and expand member acquisition online while gaining efficiency with fintech-like loan origination and inclusive, accurate AI underwriting power.  The result is significant increases in look-to-book and better lending opportunities for more members. 

Interested in learning more? 

Learn how your credit union can modernize, gain efficiency and be inclusive with end-to-end AI lending automation during our live webinar on Tuesday, December 6th at 1 PM PT

Join CUSOs Zest AI and WithClutch along with Chief Lending Officers, Todd Peeples from All In Credit Union and Brett Christensen from America First Credit Union to find out:

  • How to effectively compete with fintechs, and attract more and younger members
  • Gain ultimate efficiency in the end-to-end process and maintain confidence in accuracy and compliance
  • Better serve your community with faster and truly inclusive, fair lending

Register today and bring your questions and colleagues to, How to Create the Ultimate Digital-First, Automated, Fair Lending Experience.

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