Credit Unions

Watch: How AI And Data Will Reshape Credit Union Lending

Zest AI team
January 19, 2022

We recently hosted a live fireside chat on the power of AI, data, and partnership with our CEO Mike de Vere, the CEO of 5Point Credit Union Erik Shaw, and Tom O'Neill, the head of Equifax’s credit union business group. You'll learn how and why 5Point is migrating its lending models to AI and machine learning. (Hint: faster and more efficient underwriting.) 

In this webinar you’ll learn how Zest customer 5Point Credit Union is using AI to say yes to more members and how partners like Zest and Equifax are making lending faster, fairer, and more efficient. Find out:

  • What goes into a successful partnership between fintechs and credit unions
  • How new kinds of data and models are changing credit scoring
  • Top ideas for boosting loan growth in 2022
  • Trends to look out for this year

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