Todd Peeples, All In Credit Union

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All In Credit Union: Investing In AI For Efficiency And Growth

Bruce Upbin

April 30, 2021

Todd Peeples took an unconventional path (through the IT department) on his rise to becoming head of sales and lending at All In Credit Union, a $2 billion (assets) organization based on southeastern Alabama. Like so many credit unions, All In has seen a huge inflow of deposits and has worked hard to put that money to work in the community. It covers all the usual loan products (autos, HELOCs, boats, and RVs) and also has a fast-growing solar panel financing business.

But what's got Todd most excited is the prospect of streamlining his lending decisions using new algorithmic scoring models built in collaboration with Zest AI. Even though it lacks the might of one of the top four U.S. banks, All In can reap big benefits from rolling out uniform and speedy loan decisioning across its branch network, which right now operate with unique lending policies.

We had a great conversation about how Todd came up in the business, where he's placing his bets today, and what he looks for in the next generation of CU leaders. Enjoy and let us know what you think at

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