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ZAML FOR Mortgage lending

Transform your Mortgage Lending
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ZAML® models give you an edge in underwriting non-conforming and non-QM mortgages. Identify good borrowers that other lenders have overlooked.

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Make Credit More Available to Everyone

ZAML uses more data and patented AI tools to increase fairness without sacrificing accuracy. We're already helping financial institutions and other mortgage lenders expand homeownership. A pilot program with one large mortgage lender found that ZAML would:


reduction in mortgage approval rate gap between Hispanic and White borrowers


reduction in even larger mortgage approval rate gap between Black and White borrowers


additional minority families in new homes, with minimal added risk

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New Credit Scoring Models & the Impact on Fair Lending

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This on-demand webinar dives into historic disparities in mortgage financing that continue to further the divide for credit invisible populations in the United States.

Presented by Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA), and Kareem Saleh, Executive Vice President of Zest AI.

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Expand your market share

Win customers with better targeted plans and media bundles. ZAML models use more data and better math to match consumers with the right offering.

Reduce your risk 

By looking beyond traditional credit scores, you can identify borrowers who pose too much risk for your portfolio.


Expand homeownership

ZAML uses more data and patented AI tools to increase fairness without sacrificing accuracy.


No Black Boxes Here

ZAML explanations are consistent, accurate, and fast. Don't get tricked by snake oil AI explainability. ZAML works.


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Win the ML Adoption Race 

A recent Fannie Mae survey of 184 mortgage lenders found that many financial institutions will broadly roll out AI/ML solutions in the next 2 years.

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