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Transform your Commercial Lending
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ZAML® software and tools let you put advanced machine learning models into production quickly to improve your ability to segment good credit risks from bad.

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Achieving Safer Portfolio Growth

In a successful trial, Discover and Zest found that the inclusion of more data and more sophisticated math reduced default rates significantly with no  portfolio risk.

“We found the best way to drive benefits faster was to complement our internal efforts with a partnership with Zest” 

Roger Hochschild
CEO and President, Discover Financial Services

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Reach new customers

ZAML helps you make more accurate assessments of borrower risk across the credit spectrum and opens up new channels and markets by reducing the risk of making loans in areas where you have a limited track record.


Automate more of your underwriting

ZAML enables higher levels of automation within credit underwriting and helps your staff to better prioritize their review time.


Reduce your risk 

ZAML tools help you build models with much higher precision so you can eliminate bad borrowers and slash charge-off rates while keeping approvals steady.


Put your data to maximum use

ZAML tools help you maximize the value of your datasets by finding new sources of predictive power for underwriting. Outpace your competitors by incorporating thousands of variables to better assess risk.

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