How To Build Transparent Machine Learning Credit Models

For regulated uses such as underwriting, it’s downright dangerous to operate a lending business when you don’t know how decisions are being made. We built real explainability into Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) so lenders can operate ML models safely and profitably.

Lenders looking to switch to machine learning (ML) from the old ways of doing underwriting often bump up against some tough questions:
  • These ML models are incredibly powerful but incredibly complex. How do I know why I’m getting the results I’m getting?
  • And how do I meet the FCRA and ECOA requirements in a machine learning era?
In this on-demand webinar Zest’s Director of Data Science, John Candido addresses these concerns by discussing:
  • Four ways Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) covers your regulatory requirements
  • Tips and tricks to using machine learning
  • Key concepts and concerns to bring back to your team




Meet the Presenter

John Candido

Director of Data Science | Zest AI

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