What Boards Need to Know About AI


It's not Magic, it's Math

Thanks to technology evolution, machine learning and artificial intelligence are now necessary advancements for lenders.

Boards that fail to get in front of this trend will pay the price. As more companies adopt AI across their business, boards have to ask the right questions based on solid judgment.

In this incisive article from the Harvard Business Review, Zest AI CEO Douglas Merrill explains how company directors should think about using AI -- and enforcing strong ethics around its use.

AI is different from technology shifts of the past. Find out how.

In this article, our CEO covers:
  • Why AI is not magic, it's just math.
  • How to evaluate whether an AI project is right for your company
  • Where to draw the line around responsible data use
  • Why you should think about AI as an operating expense, not a capital investment

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